Babawale Morufat Ifedapo

Babawale Morufat Ifedapo

TOEFL Coach, Accountant, Linguistic Tutor, Research Ass

Experience: 4 Years

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Morufat Babawale is a linguist from the University of Ilorin. She is a very skilled tutor and knows how to teach the rudiments of linguistics in a very remarkable way. She has studied for 4 years the different aspects of the field of linguistics. 


Currently, she is an editor/proofreader in the Institute as well. She has been quite useful in working on the upcoming published works of the Director. She single-handedly edited and proofread the long awaiting "How to Become a Scholar" manuscript of A.O.S which is also known as "Achieve Your Outstanding Success" and she is also working on the next project titled "Break and Bond!"


In order to increase her knowledge of languages and become a well recognized polyglot, she has successfully completed her beginners level course in French language at A.O.S Academy.


In fact, she has proved quite an asset also in keeping the financial books of the Academy up to date and accurate. So, she is also the full-time Accountant/ Bursar.


She is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Renowned Stitches Enterprise. She discusses issues relating to clothing on her Facebook page. She has also served as a Personal Assistant/ Receptionist at Slag Plant Group of companies, Ogijo, Ogun State.

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