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The No. 1 Campus Project Catalogue

A.O.S Academy owns a research institute that deals with assisting final year, masters and PhD students with their project, thesis and dissertations. We work with students from various universities'departments in six (6) major ways namely:

  1. Guidance and Support
  2. Data Collection (Fieldwork Research)
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Chapter compilation (one, two or more) 
  5. Project Compilation (Chapters’ Writing from 1– 4/5 as tg  case maybe)
  6. Material Sourcing and Sales (In-House/Library & Previous Work Investigations) 
These level are subsumed into the different services provided by the institute. The services are also priced on three basic criteria which are as follows;

1. Aspect of research/analysis
2. Number  of languages, communities or case studies
3. Extra Benefits (Compiling, Typing, Briefing, Printing and Binding)

The extra benefits to be provided during the project management period can be divided into two parts. They are;


  1. Minor/ Partial – This includes;
  2. Compiling of the chapters 1-4/5 and its corrected versions
  3. Briefing (tutoring) on the project chapter contents prior to submission
Major/ total – This includes the aforementioned benefits coupled with the following;
  1. Typing of projects from start to finish
  2. Printing out of all chapters and their corrected versions
  3. Binding of approved complete project works (OPTIONAL).

For researches done via the minor/partial means, the compiled chapters and corrected versions will be sent through soft copy on phones, flash drives, computers, etc. or on Whatsapp, email addresses while the researches done via the major/total means, all chapters and corrected versions will be printed out at the institute and prepared for the client for pickup after contacting him or her.

For our material sourcing and sales (In-House/ Library & Previous Work Investigations) services, researchers could get relevant materials from the academy to help in their project/thesis compilation by visiting our library. There are five (5) main kinds of materials that can be sourced and bought from the institute with their corresponding price tags. These are;

  1. Past projects (₦3,000-₦5,000each)
  2. Books and Chapters (₦2,000-₦2,500each)
  3. Articles and Journals (₦500-₦1,000each)

Researchers could also benefit from our vast range of data of languages of study instead of sourcing/travelling for them. And this form an exclusive reference material which is also outlined as follows;

  1. Wordlist, Frame Techniques and Recordings (₦5,000-₦10,000each)

Guidance and support for chapters costs ₦2,000-₦3,000 each while that of a whole undergraduate project costs ₦10,000-₦15,000 depending on the research area. It should be noted that the payments of fees are either once or twice only.

Guidance and Support, Data collection, analysis, chapter compilation and material sourcing charges are to be paid once; only whole project compilation is permitted to be paid twice in halves. The full or half of payments are to be paid before commencement of the work while the remaining will be paid immediately after compilation of chapter two or three as the case maybe.

There is a sample price catalogue designed for project topics in linguistics and other related department which highlights other project assistance costs based on the criteria discussed above, kindly download and look into it for ranges of prices for your project work.

If you have any further questions or seek clarifications, contact us via our contact +2348107714449 or send a message via

You can also download the research assistance form or fill it online to apply for any service. Once your application is received, within few minutes or hours, you would receive the accurate prices of your services through call or email.
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