Our Business Philosophy

The philosophy that is held very dearly in the A.O. S Academy is; the production of morally upright language experts and linguistics scholars that add value to the society with their language and linguistics knowledge. In everything we do language is very important it makes us be able to communicate with each other. However, when the device we use for communication is faulty, communication get affected. In that case, it becomes imperative for us to invest in our languages. Not only in our own mother tongues/native languages but also in other languages that are regarded as language of wider communication like English and even those that could aid students in their future academic pursuits, economic dealings or job application. Such languages that could help are French, Chinese, Spanish, German among a host of others. 

Based on the predictions of some language experts, there are now massive needs of more bilinguals (people who can speak more than one language) in the work setting and the society at large. We therefore need to get our children, students and even adults well educated in languages other than that which they know already.

Business Objectives


Language Learning

To teach students and adults both local and foreign languages

Linguistics Tutorials

To hold tutorials for language and linguistics undergraduate and postgraduate students

Research Assistance

To assist in research works (like project/thesis, etc.) relating to language and linguistics education


To sensitize people on the need of language and linguistics education


To tackle language related problems by providing solutions to the people, institutions and government

Sign Language

To teach language and linguistics related courses like sign language to the physically impaired students


To organize seminars, conferences and workshops relating to language and linguistics education

Consultancy Services

To outsource language related services to corporate organizations, schools, colleges and universities

Migration Services

To manage the immigration programs of intending migrants to Canada, UK, US among other foreign countries

No. 1 Authority

To become an authority in the world of language and linguistics

Institute Description

A.O.S Academy is a language and linguistics institute (not only a mere language school) that focuses on language teaching and research & development. It does these by providing quality first-class education to students and adults via the five (5) main departments it contains. They are;

  1. Language Studies
  2. Exam Preparation
  3. Research and Development
  4. Translation and Interpretation
  5. Educational Services and Consultancy