A.O.S Media Tech Agency is an all-in-one internet-based media and information technology firm specialized in graphics designing, web development and digital marketing. The objects of our organization include:

1. Advertising And Marketing
2. Graphic Designing
3. Software Development, Web Design And Intranet Development
4. Computer Programming And Related Activities
5. Internet Services
A.O.S Media Tech Agency is a newly fast-growing establishment which is a subsidiary of A.O.S Language and Linguistics Academy Ltd, and involved in advertising and promotion for companies online via our online platforms, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and even on our affiliate website; www.aosacademy.com

It advise companies on how and where to advertise, and on how to present a
positive picture of themselves to the public. In other words, we make sure your
marketing message appeals to customers, appears in the right place, at the right
time and that you the advertiser pay the best possible price.

Our services extend from advertising to public relations and other forms of media management. The ultimate goal of this firm is to communicate value to liable customers to influence their buying habits.

In addition to these, we are into designing of graphics and images that tells the clients’ stories to customers, recording videos that sensitizes customers on the need to try out new and old products, assisting clients in getting the best media firms to partner with, tackling publicity related problems by providing solutions to clients for
continuous customer patronage, teaching marketers and company sales
representatives the art and science of publicity, organizing seminars, conferences
and workshops relating to publicity language and marketing education and establishing a long lasting working relationship between customers and clients.