Job Vacancies

Employment Opportunities

The success of any business is to a large extent dependent on the business structure of the organization and the people who occupy the available roles in the organization. A.O.S Academy is in the continuous process of looking out for and hiring competent hands (both teaching and non-teaching staff members) to help us build the language and linguistics institute of our dream. We form a competent team of three (3) groups of staff members;

Teaching Staff

Tutors in the Institute have at least a Professional Certificate in Linguistics studies, French among other language certificates and degrees. It is the policy of the institute that its tutors will ultimately be holders of internationally recognized language test results like IELTS, TEF Canada, etc for now.

More than 30% have already bagged their test results, while most of those who got their Bachelor’s Degree, are pursuing their Master’s and Ph.D programme in France, Canada, UK, US and in Nigeria. Many of our tutors equally undergo continuous training in diverse areas of language studies in Nigerian universities.


Research Personnels

The remaining staff members are the researcher, fieldworker and project analyst. These personnels are in charge of assisting clientele with their project, thesis and dissertation works, help in collecting relevant primary and secondary data and even providing valuable resource materials (like past projects, journals, articles, term papers, notes, etc) to inquiring researchers.


Administrative Structure

A Board of Matrons and Patrons directly accountable to the Federal Ministry of Education, Nigeria is in charge of the Institution, while the Director, Head of Departments (Academic, Marketing & Publicity and Administrative Head) and Marketing Executive oversee the administrative structure. Other members of the Institute’s Management include the Bursar/Accountant, Video Content Specialist, Receptionist and Cleaner.

Our Organisational structure

According to our organisational structure, A.O.S Academy is currently building a business structure of the following employees and some of these roles (like researchers, tutors, marketing executive, and project analyst) have the privilege of employee classifications (such as part-time, full-time and even freelance).

  • Head of Institute/Proprietor (Director/CEO)
  • Heads of Departments
  • Tutors/ Researchers
  • Project Analyst/Computer Operator
  • Marketing Executive
  • Video Content Specialist
  • Accountant/Bursar
  • Receptionist/ Front Desk Officer
  • Cleaners
  • Security Officer

Our Vacant Posts

Now, the vacant posts in the Academy are listed below;
  • Sign Language Coach
  • French/ TEF Coach
  • Chinese Coach
  • German Coach
  • Spanish Coach
  • Migration Agent
  • Content Creator
  • Marketing Executive
Do not forget to read up the roles and responsibilities of each post in the staff handbook. Afterwards, download the employment application form and send the scanned or filled one online or to our Institute via the email: Interview would be set up for you and all your credentials should be send to us in order to schedule it.