Get CRS 500± with TCF/TEF B2+ Results for Canada Immigration in 3 months or Less

Get CRS 500± with TCF/TEF B2+ Results for Canada Immigration in 3 months or Less

A typical individual who desires to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident is either already in the Express Entry (EE) pool or about to create his or her own profile. Even though, EE is not the only pathway to permanent residency, it is undoubtably the most popular route for intending immigrants to Canada.

One of the hurdles that must be tackled for this route is the English and French language tests; IELTS, TCF or TEF Canada. If you are well aware of this, chances are that you have already written and passed the first test but you need another to increase your eligibility or CRS with 100+ points to get selected in the coming draws. There is a way out, let me show you.

My own immigration story

Apart from the numerous instances of clients who have benefited from our language teachings, exam preparation classes and Canadian immigration services, I would put myself as the case study in this blog article.

Amazingly, my relocation journey is like the average applicant. Many of our customers in A.O.S Language Academy and A.O.S Migration Agency got their own perfect IELTS, TEF Canada test scores and PR statuses through FSWP, PNP and even visitor visa routes faster than mine.

Though, some are slower more than others but the reasons for this cannot be farfetched from my own situation. So, let me break down my Canada immigration timeline.


The Genesis

As a Nigerian coming out from the university into NYSC and later the labor(favor) market, I had no bias to the workspace in the country. So, I didn’t take migration abroad seriously like my family members wanted.

As a result, I stayed back but took my first IELTS test in 2018 based on internal pressure and made the test at once with Band 8, 7.5, 7 and 7 in the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills respectively which had an overall Band Score of 7.5, CLB 8 and CEFR Level C1.

Though, with my years of learning French, I first took my first TEF Canada test same year and came up with Compréhension Orale – 179 / 360 (B1), Expression Orale – 259 / 450 (B1), Expression écrite – 215 / 450 (B1), Compréhension écrite – 167 / 300 (B1) with CEFR Level – B1.

Check this link for all my test results from 2018 till date. I got vexed about the result and halted Canada immigration pursuit as at that time.

Within Couple of Years

I continued with my business of teaching English and French languages to fresh and intermediate students while advancing my own skills. Around that period, discovered the Formula to Learn French Fast for TEF Canada and used it in preparing for the exam whilst coaching other students in the Academy with the same.

It was not so long that I had the likes of Miss Maimunah, Mrs. Diana and even myself to get B2 and C1 in our test results. In line with the formula, I learnt that many people like me lacked the right mindset towards the test preparation so I came up with the catch phrase.

Excel in TEF/TCF without being Fluent

I once taught a candidate in Canada who happened to join my classes after her friends took the TEF test without being completely fluent as she was trying to be before taking the test and they all succeeded in the test with B2 and C1 NCLC level scores.

The truths about the matter is that many think they have to be fluent in French before they can take the test. Sadly, I know of fluent speakers of the language who took the test and could not get beyond the B1 barrier due to the fact that they know the language but know less or nothing about the test materials and questions.


Your Areas of Focus

If you are attempting or preparing to take the test sooner, I would leave you with these; become very good in answering the TEF or TCF Canada test questions, join groups, classes or trainings that emphasizes on making use of materials adapted from Ministry of Education France and/or Chamber of Commerce and Industry Paris (CCI) and be comfortable taking placement tests using TEF/TCF past questions within at least every 4 weeks to ascertain your current language testing level (not necessarily your fluency stage).

Apply the Law of Large Numbers

In my new field of study and expertise (data science and machine learning related to statistics), I have been introduced to a concept that is also practically implemented in the art of language learning and test preparation.

For years, I have been applying this principle in preparing candidates for the TEF/TCF tests but I never knew that it had a theory that backs it up. The theorem suggests that the more you repeat an experiment (in this situation; the test prep with past questions & relevant materials) multiple times, the better and closer you get to achieving your desired test result.

You would agree with me that if you practice with like 2-3+ years worth of past TEF/TCF questions, the more you would know the test format and pass it as you sit for it.


More Time Calculations

When I speak to liable and current TEF/TCF candidates, they keep asking me questions related to time needed to study French before sitting for the test. I am not here to debate with those who say it is not possible to learn French, take TEF/TCF and pass with B2/C1/C2 results.

Rather, I keep working with those who see it has a challenge and are ready to work the talk. I would give you an estimation based on what I have seen in my committed French students over the years.

These are the options of amounts of hours, days and weeks it would take to learn French enough to take and excel in TEF/TCF Canada test.

The Decision is Yours

Option 1: Learn French in 6 months = 24 weeks of language studies 100 hours per month (30 days) = 3 hours per day

Option 2: In 3 months = 12 weeks of studies 200 hours per month (30 days) = 6 hours per day

Other Options you can choose maybe a year or more depending on how serious you are about it. My advice to new learners is always to engage with French speakers who has taken and excelled in the TEF/TCF and DELF-DALF tests.

I help those who are willing to pay dearly with their time, energy and money to make their dreams come true like mine and others who worked with me.

Positive News

Not everyone is willing to share their good news of selection online until they get to Canada or are comfortable with it at a later time but I would for sure put mine out for those who wish to know. I have gotten invitations from Ontario from June this year and even from Quebec just last week due to the impact of my French test results on my CRS scores.

Prior to adding my C1 English and French test scores to the EE pool, my points were just around the 370 and 430 respectively but now, without a master’s degree or Canadian study or work experience, I have 493 CRS scores and backed 2 Notification of Interests (NOI) from major provinces in the Anglophone and Francophone speaking parts of the country.

Mr. Dikko who I once taught IELTS got selected through Manitoba last year, my own cousin who left for British Columbia after my constant relocation assistance this July and even Mrs. Diana also got picked from Saskatchewan just last week too. So glad that I was able to help them both to actualize their Canadian dreams.


Worthwhile Conclusion

As of last year 2021, over 15,000 Nigerians were granted permanent residency in Canada making Nigerians are Canada’s fourth largest source country of immigrants after India, China and the Philippines for more than 4 years now.

Whether you act on it or not, your nation’s brothers and sisters are relocating in their tens of thousands to seek greener pastures in Canada. And, the number keeps growing year in year out.

You owe yourself, spouse and children (if you have any/both) that better life you follow on social media. It doesn’t hurt if you experience it for yourself and if you don’t want it again, you have the liberty of returning back to your home country.

If you want to take that bold step, let’s help you through the way with our language learning, test preparation and migration services. We want you on our client review web page too!

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