5 Secrets of IELTS for Canada Immigration, UK Visas and Career Growth

5 Secrets of IELTS for Canada Immigration, UK Visas and Career Growth

Our business objectives at A.O.S Academy and Migration Agency have made us to always continue marketing the importance of taking the IELTS exam amongst other English and French internationally recognized tests like TOEFL, TCF, TEF Canada and DELF-DALF.

However, many do not know the truths behind promoting these exams and why they are necessary to aid their relocation, studies, work and professional development home and abroad. So, in this article, I would like to discuss about these salient reasons to prepare, take and excel in IELTS and others.

Normal Requirements

When a prospective student surfs the internet for international schools to study for bachelors, masters, PhD or even other vocational programs, IELTS pops up as the basic criteria for showing language proficiency in colleges, universities and polytechnics abroad.

Also, it is common knowledge that taking IELTS General training helps to immigration candidates to show their ability to speak, listen to plus comprehend, read and write the English language well in order to cohabit with other temporary, permanent residents and citizens in countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States among other travel destinations.


My own Findings

            As an migration agent with A.O.S Migration Agency and Language Instructor with A.O.S Academy, I have found out that a lots of candidates who want to travel overseas either for their studies, work visas or to get additional experiences in the healthcare sector, or even if they are technologists find out that they really have to show their competences of the English language.

And as a result, a lot of them do not want to take or write the IELTS at home, TOEFL or IET examinations but they fail to understand that they are secrets to writing those internationally recognized language tests and they are salient opportunities for them if they take time to prepare for and take the exams.

Hidden and Open Secrets

            I am well aware that some of the information herein will be well known to some reading this content, however others may appear to be salient and be considered as eyeopeners.

Nonetheless, I want this piece to be read to an open-minded person as taking the IELTS or any other language test should not be frowned out at all and be seen as an avenue to access numerous opportunities; popular and unadvertised ones as I and many others have witnessed in their own movement overseas, job prospectus and academia journey.

I would be sharing five (5) major secrets to making good use of your IELTS test results in your home country and in the diaspora;

1. The Common Knowledge

The exam allows you to show your proficiency which is the basic reason to sitting for it. The benefit of this is that you would be taken seriously by a lot of bodies out there, take for instance, the immigration offices of Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and many other first world countries.

Furthermore, these countries have major world languages like English and French and have standardized language testing systems that they accept during the course of visas and immigration processes, so it is very unlikely that the test results gotten would be refused or rejected in your application. You can start your Canadian immigration processing.

2. Access to English Programs

Another valid secret of IELTS is that you would be able to make use of the IELTS test result as a passport for so many English-based programs abroad and even those taken online through virtual platforms within the shores of your home country.

If you want to enroll of bachelors, master’s degree or professional certifications like those of the care-givers, or related to other niches and fields out there, you would need to show your proficiency in the English language. Check the difference between study visas and permanent residency in Canada.

Though, a lot of companies, universities and colleges accept the undergraduate degree results and attestations from universities making use of English as their language of instruction but if you are not opportune to have those certifications or degrees, the next thing they would ask for is your IELTS test result which you would be needing.

3. Professional Licensures and Registrations

The third point I would like to be driving in today is the profound ability for IELTS to open huge opportunities for experts to apply for their professional licenses and career registrations.

If you are an architect or a teacher that teaches languages or even an engineer or any other regulated fields abroad, you would need the English language proficiency test (and a coach to train you on how to excel in IELTS) in order to practice your profession abroad with other professionals coming from English speaking countries and citizens there.

It is one of the major criteria needed to get registered in professional bodies like ACCA, ICAN, medical fellowships, teacher unions and so on.

4. Trustworthiness

A vice which affects the credibility of professionals in third world countries like Nigeria, Indian and others is that a lot of them lie about their certifications but if you have a British Council, Cambridge English or IDP Australia test result on your resume or portfolio, you would able to gain the trust of recruiters, employers, business partners showing that you do not only speak the English language but you have been vetted and verified by highly respected organizations abroad to deal in, study and to work with professionals home and overseas with that particular language.

5. A Yardstick for Improvement

IELTS can stand as a test for competency in the English language and a way to rank yourself in your quest for fluency in the language. For instance, if you have taken the IELTS before now and have gotten band 5 or 6.0, you would be able to have scaling system that is trusted which knows your current level in the language as it seeks to boost your proficiency as you prepare to take the test another time.

Our Clarion Call

I would like to beseech you now, if you want to take the IELTS sooner or later, to sign up for our English for IELTS test preparation program or classes. We have the private coaching and group classes for different types of test takers.

Our language prep classes are available for you to join for our 3-weeks IELTS and 5-weeks TOEFL prep trainings. You would have placement tests that would serve as your mock exam (which is a very similar exam with look-alike questions like the one you would take on the IELTS test date in the accredited test centers) in order to ascertain your current band level and see if you are indeed ready to go take the test yourself.

Also, we have 1,000s of materials for each of the IELTS General and Academic training, TOEFL types among others. Thank you!



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