A.O.S Academy is an online language and linguistics institute that focuses on language teaching, exam preparation and relocation abroad. It does these by providing quality first-class education to teenagers and adults via its Language Studies, Exam Prep., Research assistance services, Translation and Interpretation, Educational Services, content writing, editing & proofreading, internet publishing, translation and interpretation, career counseling & business education departments.

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Language Programs

French Beginner Program 42% off

French Beginner Program

An intensive program that helps you start learning French from scratch - zero beginner level up until you're able to converse at a moderate level in French daily.

2 Months


  • $69.00
French Elementary Program 42% off

French Elementary Program

This French program is meant for those know a little of French and wants to improve their skills and learn more of the language from the A2 CEFR level.

2 Months


  • $145.00
DELF-DALF Part-Time 30% off


This preparatory class is meant for those who already took the DELF-DALF test before and just need a few brush-up on the different language skills study questions and responses.

3 weeks


  • $69.00
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Linguistics Services

Online French Courses

Online French Courses

A.O.S Academy owns an online school -, that helps TEF Canada applicants in learning French from any level (be it beginner, intermediate or advanced) up until they take the test.
Canadian Immigration Services

Canadian Immigration Services

A.O.S Migration Agency offers comprehensive services for a range of Canada’s immigration programs. Any which way you so wish to move to Canada, we can assist you in the pathway and process your immigration.
Research Assistance

Research Assistance

A.O.S Academy also boosts of a research institute that deals with guiding and supporting researchers on their project, thesis and dissertation works. It also helps in writing, editing and proofreading articles, papers, books, dictionaries, and so on.

Our Track Record

The institute prides itself of pace-setting successful language students in all their private accomplishments, professional careers and even migration achievements.

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Whether you're looking for a rich cultural experience or superior language education, you'll find both in the programs and online courses of A.O.S Academy.

A Wealth of Experience, Knowledge and Reputation for Excellence

Internationally Tested Tutors

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Proven Expertise and Proven Track Record

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Satisfied Learners

As a linguist and an enthusiast of French language, I thought I could independently acquire the language but the problem I mostly faced was the lack of a platform to express what I have learnt.

The A.O.S Academy online platform came just at the right time I needed it. With this platform, I was able to meet like minds who I could communicate with in the French language. Ever since, I have seen unprecedented improvement in my communication skills.

Few months ago, I registered for the international diploma examination in French (DELF A2) and passed it in flying colors.

If I had known, I would have joined the academy earlier as at 200 level when I knew about it, but then, better late than never. I joined the academy 300 level 2nd semester when my result was singing – pls, save me. And since then, my result started singing songs of praise. I could not thank A.O.S enough, other than referring someone that also benefitted from it.

I want to say thank you to God and A.O.S Academy for lifting my grades. The money is just a token compared to the knowledge given. Thank you so much sir.


What courses do you take in the Academy?

We offer English and French (beginner, intermediate and advanced) language learning courses, linguistics tutorial courses and exam preparation classes for now. However, we are currently working on adding Chinese, German and Spanish beginner courses soon. You can subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the introduction of the courses.

When does admissions starts for each program?

Our calendar abides by a quarter system. That is, all courses and programs run on a three (3) months basis – January, April, July and October. Admission to any of these programs at these periods starts at least 2 weeks in advance and all applications are welcome up until two weeks after resumption of that quarter.

Are the courses taken online or at the Institute?

Thanks for that question. All our courses are very much flexible to the needs of the learners. Hence, they can be taken either online or offline depending on your preferences. Though, for those living in the city of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria, they can take a blending learning approach by mixing both the online and offline platforms.

How can I register myself for the program?

You can always get registered by getting your application form, filling and submitting it. After, you select the courses you want to take and pay the required tuition fees either online via our payment integration platforms, bank transfers or direct payment deposits to our official Naira or Dollar Accounts in the Guaranty Trust Bank and start learning.